JP & KP 歌詞


HUSKING BEE – Skyscraper 歌詞


In a room filled up with your eagerness
Bring up your own hunger as it’s oil for the fire
When you find how short your desire is
Build it up way higher just like a skyscraper

Make a circle above the clouds
In the night sky lightened with a small LCD light
When you find how deep your regret is
Could be time for a big flight
You’ll make it just in time

It keeps exploding a shameless addiction
And is growing day by day, never seems to fall apart
It swallows everything for an endless appetite
If it seems to be fulfilled but in fact it’s just vacant
Tear it down then rebuild it up

If you find another game
Make a sure shot from the top of the skyscraper

Build it higher, your desire

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