JP & KP 歌詞


kero kero bonito – Hey Parents 歌詞


No matter what you do tere’s something everyone shares
We all inherit
Ourselves from a pair
And if you never met them or you call them your friends
One thing is certain
The tree never ends

And though it’s been a while since I first saw them
I still say

Hey mum
How are you today?
Are you missing me
A lot?
Yes I’m sticking
To my bedtime
And I’m keeping very warm so
Hey dad
Don’t you worry now
‘Coc I got it all
Worked out
But don’t tell me
Didyou keep my room?
‘Cos I’m coming over soon

I sure don’t know if making me was part of the plan
But that’s what happened
And I’m cool with that
But now I’m here I better go find something to do
Something I want to
So they can relax

私わたし の 前まえ には ママとパパ
そのまた 前まえ には grandma grandpa
もっと 前まえ には their mum and dad
Am I next?


(Soon) Will
I find
My life
Has happened all before
I realise
Time’s running out and I don’t know why
ずっと 子供こども でいたいのに


‘Cos I’m coming over soooo-oooh-oooooh oooh oooon
‘Cos I’m coming over soon

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