JP & KP 歌詞


kero kero bonito – Lipslap 歌詞



Thumb and forefinger tap
Laughed at yeah you know it
A fingertip placed on the lips
Which gave a little “shh”
Maybe we’re talk about that
Not now you see I’m jackin’
All my friends are here there’s just
No time for taboo
Can’t believe I have to rap on tracks
So you get it
Wanna talk about so much stuff and
You just give me hush
We can sort that out for now
The place is packing
Spent big cash on a new dancefloor and
Eveyone’s come through

It’s all lipslap
Thinking caps
Just lipslap
That is that

I can’t hear you’cos this beat
Is taking over
I’m not one to lipread and you
Don’t come with subtitles
You sure talk the walk
Into your walking talkie
But you can’t keep a secret and you
Never get a word in (err)
Why don’t you keep me in the loop
I like it posted
You stay here and watch an old brick wall
Get freshly painted
If you didn’t catch the facts
I’ll repeat them
But to be as smart as me
You have to know the slang (yeah)


I’ll put string through a tin can
Tied up to a goldfish tank
Watch them pass round a whisper
Tke turns seeing where it lands

It’s all lipslap
(Get down)
Thinking caps
Just lipslap
(Be proud)
That is that
It’s all lipslap
Thinking caps
Just lipslap
That is that


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