JP & KP 歌詞


WHITE ASH – Stranger 歌詞


やわ い、 割わ って、 終お わらす 詩うた
i got it rope wanna so narrow
not to warp rally sick
憂うれ いに prested
haven’t wet prot pretend
you ever fic end
i bower zoplar hanner 罠わな wrong way
laugh you 飢う えな so never fake
stop might haunt needs + 遠とお い 幽ゆう 影えい

絵え 呪のろ うのは 不安ふあん に 並なら ぶ 幽ゆう
when i 不穏ふおん な 方ほう に take you

eye what was a sick
reffin leving 怨うらみ のゾーンを 出で る
あの 陰陽いんよう wisnaline
presty word sur praise
iユd say to know
it fellow rove you wanna loved and
say the i want your see
asad waven haunt needs prus to 迷まよ う

on lally fay four polarity
unlittle wanna wrong way
laugh you wanna feel dead
for my trial

on lally four may polarity
ener for men on war
that it where it ware so far

ener far away
follow rust oh yeah

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